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What Medications will Save You from Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or, in simple terms, impotence is the common name for a large number of possible forms and manifestations of sexual disorders in men. Therefore, regardless of the stage and nature, treatment of erectile dysfunction should begin with establishment of its causes on the basis of integrated approach. Prevalence of erectile dysfunction among all age categories in stronger sex in our time is often due to inattention to one’s own health and misconceptions about norms of sexual behavior.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (early ejaculation) is called erectile dysfunction, not caused by organic disorders or diseases and consists in inability to control ejaculation to the extent that is sufficient that both partners are satisfied with sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation is not only a medical, but also a social problem, causes reduction of self-esteem and quality of life, adversely affects a partner and worsen sexual relations, and sometimes leads to decay of the family.

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment and Drugs from My Canadian Pharmacy

Many people know that Viagra (Sildenafil), Levitra (Vardenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) help solve erectile problems. They are sold without prescription, so you can buy ED drugs in any pharmacy, including My Canadian Pharmacy. Today, these are the best drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. But, like any drug, they have their own indications and contraindications. Before you start self-treatment, you’d better get a specialist’s advice, take tests and undergo examination. The problem can be much deeper. Often, erectile dysfunction is observed in diabetes, obesity, problems with the cardiovascular system. And in this case, these drugs can even damage the health of a men. Based on the results, the doctor will prescribe a treatment, develop a diet and ED medications. If there are no serious health problems, and you need to stimulate erection, you can use additional methods.

Misconceptions about Erection

Potency is a frequently discussed problem among men. Needless to say, if the problem is relevant, it always causes a lot of different misconceptions that can harm a person. So it is with potency. Today, My Canadian Pharmacy will dispel the most common myths and misconceptions about «male power».

Erectile Dysfunction in Women

According to My Canadian Pharmacy, erectile dysfunction in women refers to a variety of violations of libido (sexual desire), as well as excitation and orgasm disorders, pain associated with sexual intercourse. These symptoms (one or several) cause discomfort in women, disrupt quality of sexual life and harmony with sexual partner.

10 Interesting Facts about Erectile Dysfunction that will Make Every Man Think about It

A few years ago, doctors decided to replace insulting word «impotence» with «erectile dysfunction». But, besides the name, disease and the most frequent reasons for its occurrence, methods of its treatment have not changed. All the same, it depends only on the man, how long he will be able to please himself and his partner in bed. My Canadian Pharmacy brings to your attention 10 most interesting facts about erectile dysfunction, which will make every man think about his lifestyle.